Tilopa – Mahamudra – The Great Wisdom

Tilopa – the Hollow Bamboo

“Mahamudra is beyond all words and symbols, but for you, Naropa, must this be said: the void needs no reliance, Mahamudra rests on nought. Without making an effort, but remaining loose and natural, one can break the yoke, thus gaining liberation.

Do nothing with the body but relax, keep the mouth closed and remain silent.

Empty your mind and think of nought.

Like a hollow bamboo, be at ease with your body.

Neither giving nor taking, put your mind at rest.

Mahamudra is like a mind that clings to the void.

Thus practicing, in time you will reach full awakening.

Tilopa was an Indian Tantric master who lived in Bengal from 988 AD to 1069. Naropa was his disciple. ‘Mahamudra’ can be translated as ‘the great wisdom’.