Ordinary Mind

Zhaozhou asked Nanquan “What is the Way?”

Nanyuan said; “Ordinary mind is the Way.”

Zhaozhou asked; “How should one approach it?”

Nanyuan replied; “If you try to approach it, you will miss it.”

Zhaozhou asked; “If one makes no attempt, how can one know?”

Nanyuan replied; “The Way is not about knowing or not-knowing.
Knowledge is illusion and ignorance is indifference.
When you reach the Way it is beyond doubt,
it is as vast and infinite as space.
You can’t say if it is right or wrong, you can only know it.”

Nanyuan Puyuan, aka Nansen Fugan, 749 AD to 835, a Chinese Chan master, lived in a small hut he built himself on Mount Nanquan. His disciple, Zhaozhou Congshen, aka Joshu Jushin, also became a master and lived from 778 AD to 897.