Hui Neng: Serenity

From ‘The Sutra of Hui Neng’

“So far as the Dharma is concerned, there can only be one School.

If a distinction exists, it is in the fact that the founder of one School is a northern man, while the other is a southerner.

While there is only one system of Law, some disciples realise it more quickly than others.

The reason why the names ‘Sudden’ and ‘Gradual’ are given is that some disciples are superior to others in mental disposition.

So far as the Dharma is concerned, the distinction of ‘Sudden’ and ‘Gradual’ does not exist.”


Before dying Hui Neng said:
“Imperturbable and serene the ideal man practises no virtue.
Self-possessed and dispassionate, he commits no sin.
Calm and silent, he gives up seeing and hearing.
Even and upright, his mind abides nowhere.”